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Penelope and Maria Moraitou
Illustrated by Peggy Fourka
ISBN 978-618-81538-4-4, 32 pages, 20x28.5 cm

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Christmas is coming and the message of love embraces the whole of creation. Houses are decorated for the holiday and smell deliciously of all sorts of goodies. On the top of the Christmas tree the bright star twinkles, the heavenly sign telling everyone that God has kept his promise and sent us the Saviour of the world.

Somewhere among the presents is a special Christmas book with games, holiday activities and stickers for children of primary school age. It tells us about the customs of our country and of our long tradition of Christianity.

We can find out about the forty days of preparation before Christmas, discover all the tasty things we can eat while we’re fasting, and read stories about the twelve days of Christmas.

And we can do all this in a fun way, with lots of learning and memory games, drawings, crosswords, brain teasers, wordsearches, and stickers. And don’t forget your triangles, because our book includes lots of traditional carols!


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