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Путешествие со Святым Лукой

Илюстрация:. Анна Ярмэнити

С настольной игрой

ISBN: 978-618-81538-2-0

Размеры: 21,5x20, стр .: 77

Розничная цена

Мягкая обложка: 8 €

Твердый переплет: 11 €

Группа из пяти детей начинает долгий путь, чтобы встретиться со святым Лукой, врачом, архиепископом, блестящим  ученым, отцом, который любит каждого маленького ребенка, каждого больного, и каждого болящего и бедного человека,. На самолетах, автобусах, поездами и баржами, от Крыма до Сибири ... теряются 



In the third book in this series featuring the endearing grandpa Dimitri, his little grandchildren Thanos, Thodoris and Maria get an unpleasant shock: their planned walk in the National Gardens is cancelled because grandpa is ill in bed. As if this wasn’t bad enough, in the end he has to have a heart operation as well.

But what is an operation? How can grandpa possibly get ill? and how can he be ill in his heart? Grandpa has a heart of gold! The children have never before had to deal with illness in someone they love. Their parents help them to understand that as you get older, the body inevitably gets worn out, that the good times are overshadowed now and then by the bad times. But if there is 



Penelope Moraitou

Illustrated by Liana Denezaki

Odysseus and Antigone go on an incredible adventure to the depths of the food pyramid. With them goes Pharoah Trofochamon and a whole series of weird characters, some fat, some thin, and together they try to find out the secrets of the pyramid, with the aim of discovering nutritional balance and the great prize that comes with it, health.

We accompany our heroes on a journey full of unexpected tastes, surprises, games and above all adventures that make our lives not only richer and healthier but more tasty as well!




‘Our thoughts, moods and desires give direction to our life. The kind of thoughts that occupy our minds dictate what kind of life we lead. If our thoughts are peaceful, calm, full of love, goodwill, kindness and purity, then we have inner serenity, because all untroubled thoughts give rise to peace within us which radiates outwards.

Strive to have good thoughts and good wishes both for your friends and for your enemies, and you’ll see that this will produce good results both for you and for all those around you.’            

Elder Thaddeus.



Mother Gavrilia 1897 – 1992

by Nun Gavrilia


415 pp.

ISBN 978-618-5197-07-0


A journey into the heart of Love over 94 years and 4 continents

‘Everyone is stressed! What’s going on? Something like… Joy has lost its meaning. This is really serious! In India they wait for Christ to come and in this expectation they are happy to wait. We 



A Visit to the Holy Land


A journey in the world can bring about a profound journey through the human soul. It can make the words of the Apostle Paul come true: ‘Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is  is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things’ (Phil.4:8). The Holy Land, as described by Egeria and theauthor of this book, is an earthly treasure. Atreasure which can lead us to discover vital truths in our hearts, for as the Lord


The hill of the hidden secrets

The hill of the hidden secrets: The chronicle of an imaginary excavation

Panos Valavanis

Translated by  Georgia Kofina

Illustrated by Ada Ganosi

ISBN 978-618-5197-14-8

Price 15

The history of the land of Greece, concealed inside a hill that was formed by 8,000 years of life and adventure.

The aim of this book is not so much to bring history to life as to show how history was created. Although the story is an imaginary one, it could very well be true. Enjoy the journey through time and history!



Going to Church with Granny and Grandpa

Dimitris Chios

Illustrated by Yanis Antonopoulos

ISBN 978-618-5197-05-6

Price €6

Our beloved grandpa Dimitri returns on a beautiful happy Sunday, to take his grandkids to church.

Come and join them and we’ll all go to church together for the divine Liturgy.

Grandpa Dimitri doesn’t go to work any more. He’s retired from his job. But he hasn’t slowed down one bit. He enjoys doing odd jobs and tending his garden. Sometimes he helps Grandma in the kitchen and with the


The Way of the Ascetics

Tito Colliander

Prologue by Father Alexandros Kariotoglou

ISBN 978-618-5197-03-2

172 pp.

Price €10

What does ‘asceticism’ actually mean in today’s world? a world where daily physical discipline may be the basic condition of health but spiritual discipline is seen as superfluous, old-fashioned and ultimately unnecessary?

‘Ascetics are not just people in deserts and monasteries, but are mainly people who feel alienated by the pitiful scraps offered by the contemporary way of life and which leave them deeply unsatisfied, endlessly thirsting and hungering.


Eleftheria [Liberty] and the Journey of the Greek Flag

 Penelope Moraitou

Illustrated by Peggy Fourka

59 pp.

ISBN 978-618-5197-02-5

Price €9

The War of Independence in 1821, the epic Greco-Italian War of 1941, the Polytechnic uprising in 1974: three crucial historical events where Greece played a leading role. A journey through time, that focuses on the defining moments of our recent history. 

Educational aids included.

The well-known writer has given us a work that was missing from


From the Cross to the Resurrection

Kallistos Ware, Bishop of Diocleia

162 pp.

ISBN 978-618-5197-16-2

Price €9

We waited, and at last our expectations were answered. When the Patriarch chanted ‘Christ is Risen’, a heavy weight was removed from our souls. We felt as though we too had risen from the dead.

Kallistos Ware speaks to us of the progress and the expectation contained in the journey of Great Lent, of the fast and its Cross, the process that culminates in the ineffable joy of the Resurrection.This publication is a collaboration between the author and Mother Maria, 


The Ladder of the Beatitudes

Jim Forest

Prologue by Father Spyridon Vasilakos

Translated by Thanos Kiosoglou

Back cover illustration by Father Stamatis Skliris

Front cover photograph by Panos Gouliaris

ISBN 978-618-5197-09-4

247 pp.

Price €13

Prologue by Father Spyridon Vasilakos

In the aisles of a big bookshop, the books are arranged by category: poetry, philosophy, literature, theology, history. When you take a book in your hands, though, it leaves the


The Day of the Archangel Michael

Stories from the garden of Optina

By Nina Pavlova

Translated by Father Yorgos Konispoliatis

ISBN 978-618-5197-04-9

Price €17

‘Our entire life is a great divine mystery. Everything that surrounds us, however insignificant it appears, possesses enormous significance. We will only fully understand the meaning of our experiences in the life to come. We should treat our life with such care, yet we skim it like the pages of a book, without understanding what it contains! Nothing in life is accidental, everything proceeds in accordance with God’s will.’


The ‘Birthday’

A novel

Niki Trakosii

ISBN 978-618-5197-06-3

Price €9

A great secret, and an even greater lesson. The kind of lesson that only life can provide, if we allow ourselves to be taught…For it is life itself that offers the greatest lessons. And although we often miss unrepeatable opportunities, although we waste our precious time and are dragged along by the current of the world we inhabit, the offer is there, waiting for us to notice it.

The sooner we decide to give our life true meaning and achieve the immortality for


From the Synaxarion of Love


Father Demetrius Fourlemadis

Pertinent aspects of the patristic and neptic experience

ISBN 978-618-5197-13-1

Price €4.80

Our life is rapidly distancing itself from the patristic sense of community, and we are obliged to live out our lives within a context that is contentious, demanding and competitive. Suspicion, mistrust, and lack of faith are on the increase. The village has been replaced by the apartment block, where the tenants neither know nor care about their neighbours, even when they live on the same floor. Even in church there is no less of a gap: the worshippers


Our Self and the Other


Reflections on human relationships

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Selection and editing: Maria Fafaliou

ISBN 978-618-5197-08-7

Price €9

Who are we? What do we want out of life? What really counts for us and for those around us? This book is an existential approach to these questions by a man both of the church and of science, a compilation of the thoughts of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (Anthony Bloom), who lived through the turbulence of exile and war: personal experiences from his long career as a doctor and later as a priest, as well as third-person testimonies. His work,


The Blessedness of the Everyday

The Blessedness of the Everyday

Father Demetrius Fourlemadis

ISBN 978-618-51971-7-9

Price €4.80

A new book about the most important moment of our life: the PRESENT.

A person today, a member of an ordinary family battling with everyday problems and necessities, needs to feel that the Church is there to support him, not that it is about to denounce him and send him to hell. He needs a language of faith that is capable of compassion. He does not need a whip and a judgmental attitude.




Repentance and confession: the return to God and the Church

Metropolitan Nektarios (Antonopoulos) of Argolis

50 000 copies, 104 pages

ISBN 978-618-81751-6-7,


This little book is addressed those who are struggling for salvation. In simple terms, it attempts to answer questions and to help the reader re-orientate him or herself in relation to the great and compassionate mystery of Holy Confession.

Through confession we discover how hard and painful it is to truly repent. But at the same time it boosts our courage to encounter Christ just as we are: sinners filled with hope;